What we are looking for

Cadila Pharmaceuticals has set out to deliver innovation driven yet affordable products for unmet global medical challenges. From the Swedish office, we are looking to initiate and manage collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, academic institutions or life science investors to advance development opportunities to commercial exit.

Since the setup of the Swedish branch in 2013, we have launched a number of scientific collaborations with different partners to develop and market products across multiple therapeutic areas such as oncology, respiratory, pain, cardiovascular, infectious diseases and medical devices.

We are interested in collaborations on novel products with potential to make a difference in people’s lives. Our current projects with European partners span the whole development chain, from research to late-stage clinical trials.

What we offer

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Sweden offers investment to advance development opportunities to commercial exit – beginning from any stage of development.

Through collaborations, we provide our partners access to fully integrated development facilities, ranging from CMC, pre-clinical and clinical studies, as well as commercial manufacturing.

Our preferred investment model includes co-funding of development activities and benefits from access to facilities in India. The co-investment model assures continuous development where data can automatically trigger the next step of development without having to seek additional funding. With Cadila, focus is on development and business, and work is performed cost-efficiently and compliant with European and US requirements.

Cadila has extensive experience in both manufacturing and clinical development for international markets. Clinical development in India gives access to a large and diverse patient population and Cadila has a broad network of hospitals and clinicians throughout the country enabling efficient patient enrollment.

Current projects

Below are examples of ongoing collaborations with connection to Scandinavia

Axelar – co-development of non-small cell lung cancer treatment AXL1717

The co-development agreement includes formulation – benefitting from extensive formulation knowledge in the organization – and clinical development.

Cadila co-invests in-kind for defined geographic market rights for AXL1717 and revenue sharing in future licensing deals for the compound.

More information on the collaboration can be read in the press release.

Oncology Ventures – co-development of anticancer product LiPlaCis®

The aim of the collaboration is to evaluate the efficacy of LiPlaCis and its companion diagnostic in several indications. Cadila will perform four phase II clinical trials and one pivotal randomized phase III clinical trial, as part of a data package enabling marketing approval in EU, USA and India.

More information about the collaboration can be read in the press release.

Lipidor – clinical development of topical psoriasis product

The collaboration aims at commercialization of a sprayable anti-psoriatic consisting of the generic Vitamin D analogue, Calcipotriol, formulated with Lipidor´s patented lipid-based drug delivery technology, AKVANO®.

Under the agreement, Cadila will perform a pivotal phase III clinical study in India per US/EU standards.

More information on the collaboration can be read in the press release.

Respiratorius – development of new chemical entity for COPD and asthma

The aim of the collaboration is to preform preclinical and clinical development and to commercialize a novel treatment for respiratory disorders.

More information on the collaboration can be read in the press release.


Moberg Pharma – late-stage development and commercialization of novel pain medication

Under the Development and License Agreement, Cadila Pharmaceuticals will conduct a phase III program in India evaluating a novel lozenge formulation of bupivacaine for pain management in oral mucositis patients. The goal of the joint program is to support product approval in multiple markets.

More information on the collaboration can be read in the press release.


Aplagon logo

Aplagon – manufacturing, development and commercialization of first-in-class antithrombotics for prevention of blood vessel occlusions

Under the agreement, Cadila will undertake formulation development and commercial-scale manufacturing of Aplagon’s APAC product, and together with Aplagon conduct phase I/II and phase II/III clinical studies in India.

More information on the collaboration is available in the press release.