About Us

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is one of the largest privately held pharmaceutical companies in India, headquartered at Ahmedabad, in the State of Gujarat. Over the last six decades, the company has been developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical products in India and selling and distributing these in over 100 countries around the world.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Sweden was established in 2013 to initiate and manage collaborations between Cadila group companies and European companies, investors and institutions. With our partners, we are involved in research, development, manufacturing and commercial collaborations. As a pharmaceutical company we operate as a fully integrated development organization, ranging from CMC, pre-clinical to clinical studies with an extensive network of clinicians across India. We are open to make our highly efficient development machinery available to our European collaborators on a shared-risk basis.

Our highly flexible business model adds value to pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostics or medtech companies by advancing scientific and technical opportunities to exit-ready assets, whether it entails performing proof-of-concept clinical studies or bringing products to consumers or patients. To life science investors, we add value by de-risking and shortening development and commercialization timelines, while also providing companies the knowledge and credibility associated with having a major pharmaceutical partner as a co-investor.

Cadila Pharmacuticals Sweden Vision

We will be a key contributor in building Cadila Pharmaceuticals’ pipeline and skill base through unique access to innovation

Through creative business development and leveraging Cadila Pharmaceuticals R&D capabilities, we will be a valued partner for European life science companies

We will become an empowered competency hub of talented staff and advisors

Team Members

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Patric Stenberg
Patric Stenberg, PhD. Patric brings to Cadila 20 + years in pharmaceutical and ADME research and development; 15 years in industry. Previous appointments include CSO, head of operations, pharmacy manager, business developer and staff scientist of pharmaceutical business, research and development efforts from discovery to clinical stages. Patric’s experience ranges from virtual companies (eg NovaSAID) to global pharma (eg Pfizer).
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Marie Scherlund
Sr Project Director
Marie Scherlund, PhD, directs Cadila´s partnership R&D Projects and contributes to evaluate new high-potential development opportunities. Marie has a PhD in Pharmaceutics from Uppsala University. Marie brings more than 20 years of experience from pharmaceutical and CMO companies such as AstraZeneca, APL, Moberg Pharma and RISE. Recent appointments include various management positions: Formulation Development Manager, Head of Pharmaceutical Development, Project Management Director and Director Analytical Development.
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Eva Filmström
COO, Sr. Project Director
Eva Filmström, MSc, directs Cadila´s partnership R&D Projects, primarily those at or close to Clinical stage. She also contributes to evaluate new high-potential development opportunities. Eva has a Med.Lic degree from Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm and a MSc in Medical Science from Uppsala University. Eva brings more than 20 years experience from biotech, pharmaceutical and CRO companies such as Pharmacia Biotech, Pharmacia&Upjohn, AstraZeneca, TFS and Larix. Most recent positions include various management positions: Country Manager, Director Global Project Delivery, Director Early Clinical Development, and Director Clinical Operations.

Board of Directors

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Hans Wigzell
Chairman of the board
Born 1938. Professor Emeritus of Immunology and MD. Previous assignments include, among others, the President of Karolinska Institutet's Nobel Committee, and President of Karolinska Institutet and Director General of National Institute of Disease Control. Other appointments include Chairman of Rhenman & Partner Asset Management AB, Board member of Sarepta Therapeutics Inc. and RaySearch Laboratories AB. Member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
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Rajiv I Modi
Board member
Born 1960. Dr. Rajiv I Modi is Chairman and Managing Director of Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Under his leadership, Cadila Pharma has established itself as a leading pharmaceutical company with a sizeable footprint across the globe. In addition to Sweden, the company is present in USA, Japan, CIS and Africa. Dr. Modi is a member of several prestigious institutions including The New York Academy of Sciences, USA; Genetic Society of America; and American Society for Microbiology. He is a PhD in Biological Science from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA; an MSc in Biochemical Engineering from University College, London; and a BTech in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai.
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Carani B Sanjeevi
Board member
Born 1958. Dr Sanjeevi is a Professor at the Department of Medicine at Karolinska Institutet. He heads a research group focusing on autoimmune diabetes. Dr Sanjeevi obtained his MD from India, PhD from KI and did a post-doc at the University of Washington. He has served as a member of several editorial boards for journals and was the editor of the series “Immunology of diabetes”, published by New York Academy of Sciences. In 2017, Dr. Sanjeevi was presented with the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award by the President of India. The award is the highest honour conferred on overseas Indians and conferred in recognition of outstanding achievements in India and abroad.
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Terje Kalland
Board member
Born 1951. Dr Kalland has over 30 years of experience from the Pharmaceutical Industry with senior positions within research, executive management and investments. With a background as a professor of tumor immunology from University of Lund, Sweden, Dr Kalland was head of of oncology research at Pharmacia and has held positions as CSO for Biovitrum, Senior Vice President for Novo Nordisk and CSO and Deputy CEO for Karolinska Development. He has been member or chairman of the board of a number of private and public companies.

Story of Cadila Pharma

Born on February 18, 1926, in a small village of Hansot in Bharuch district of South Gujarat, Indravadan Ambalal Modi has left a long lasting impact on the Indian Pharmaceuticals industry. With a vision of making medicines affordable to the last man of society, Cadila has throughout the years fostered many innovations to bring them to the Indian market at a reasonable price.

After higher studies of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals at Mumbai University, at the age of 25 Modi quit his job as a chemist in a chemical manufacturing unit and founded Cadila Laboratories in 1951 together with business partner Ramanbhai Patel.

The operations evolved over the decades to one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in India. In 1995 the company was restructured into two parts, with the Modi family’s share of the company being renamed to Cadila Pharmaceuticals. The company has since remained a family owned business that today employs over 9,500 people with presence in over 100 countries.

Modi has also played an important role in the development of the Indian pharmaceutical Industry by influencing government policies and national legislation.

In 2012, Modi passed away at the age of 87 years. Since then the company is chaired by his son, Dr. Rajiv Modi. Cadila Pharmaceuticals has continued to grow and today has a strong global presence with operations in Europe, USA, Japan and Africa.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Cadila Pharmaceuticals has a number of CSR activities running for the benefit of the community, focusing on the areas of health, education, women’s empowerment and child care. The center of these activities is the Kaka-Ba Hospital which was set up in 1985 by Cadila Pharmaceuticals’ founder Indravadan Modi to serve the local community with quality medical services and health and hygiene awareness and education.

Kaka-Ba Hospital has played a pivotal role in comprehensive and sustainable development and has emerged as a successful rural healthcare model. Over the three decades of operation more than 500,000 patients have been treated. The hospital has also helped more than 3,000 patients with physical deformities like cleft lip or post burn contracture with plastic surgeries. All of the services of the hospital are provided free or at very nominal charges.

In addition to serving the community with healthcare, the Kaka-Ba Trust is also working with disease prevention projects such as bringing water purification plants to the nearby villages.

More information about the Kaka-Ba Hospital and pictures from the operations can be found at www.kakabatrust.org


Cadila Pharmaceuticals Sweden AB is a wholly owned step-down subsidiary of Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited, Ahmedabad, India.

More information about the parent company can be found at www.cadilapharma.com